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Lowers the surface tension of water which and more...


PAVMAX lowers the surface tension of water which promotes fast and thorough penetration and dispersal of moisture. This action causes hydrated clay particles to be pressed into and to fill the voids throughout the soil, thus forming a tight, dense permanent stratum.

Reduces Compaction Effort

The increased lubricity of soil particles allows the designated soil density to be reached with less compactive effort.

Requires Less Water

PAVMAX reduces, by as much as 25%, the amount of water required to reach the optimum moisture level of the soil because it promotes rapid saturation and inhibits surface evaporation.

Better Load Bearing Capacity

The PAVMAX “cementation” action increases the soil bearing characteristics by promoting a closer binding of soil particles. This reduces the tendency of the soil to expand after compaction and results in a strong stable earth layer

Lowers Permeability

By achieving greater bonding density, soil materials resist migration of water. A properly treated PAVMAX base becomes almost impervious to water penetration and much more resistant to frost heaving.

Eliminates Need For Importing Aggregate

Road builders can now construct a new road base using existing soil materials – without trucking in additional aggregate (if sufficient cohesive fines are present).


PAVMAX with the top 5 or 6 inches of soil will produce a road base that has more strength and less permeability than can be attained with any other treatment

Use Less Expensive Dirty Aggregate

If new material is needed, less expensive, dirty aggregate is a requirement. The dirty fines are needed to bond the material together. Dirty meaning 15 to 20% cohesive fines passing a 200 screen.

Weather and Locale Compatible

PAVMAX can be applied over a wide weather and locale range. From near freezing to hot summer, from rainy climate to dry desert, from lake bottom to earthen dam, from mountain top to deepest mine

Reduces Labor And Maintenance

New or existing roads treated with PAVMAX to the recommended depth will retain a tough, rupture-resistant surface that requires minimal maintenance, often requiring no additional “dressing” for a number of years.

Easy To Store

PAVMAX is sold in liquid concentrate form. This eliminates the bulk storage, pre-mixing and handling of large amounts of materials. It will not corrode equipment

Safe Handling

PAVMAX is non-toxic. It requires no special handling equipment and no special containment procedures as required with toxic and/or corrosive agents. It does not irritate skin tissue and causes no rash or bum.


PAVMAX contains no combustible materials, is non-explosive and can be used near open flame. It is non-gaseous and can be stored in poorly ventilated areas.

Environmentally Safe

PAVMAX will not harm humans, animals, fish or vegetation under normal use and is biodegradable.


PAVMAX needed 12.5 US gallons to pave one mile

Remember, there is only one PAVMAX! Proven Soil Stabilization for over 20 Years!