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Roadsmax Development consultants


Development consultants and engineers are strategically located in South America and are available for any queries or demonstrations as needed.

PAVMAX is a proprietary concentrated liquid multi-enzymatic formulation. It alters the properties of earth material to produce superior road base stabilization compared to all other road treatment materials now in use.

Developed and proven through years of field testing, PAVMAX provides additional advantages to road builders, communities and the ecology by being non-toxic,
non-corrosive and environmentally safe.

  • Reduces Compaction Effort
  • Requires Less Water
  • Better Load Bearing Capacity
  • Lowers Permeability
  • Eliminates Need For Importing Aggregate
  • Mixing
  • Use Less Expensive Dirty Aggregate
  • And more...


Though our engineers have been involved in road construction for donkey’s years, the last few have proved the most interesting with the emergence of new technologies such as Pavmax. Being a new product to the market in most countries we ask potential clients to have some soil samples tested from various areas to establish the potential. Pavmax roads can be utilized in most of the soils we have encountered to date, though some less than perfect soils have been brought up to standard with the addition of alternative ‘dirty’ soil combinations. Ultimately, Pavmax roads always prove to be cheaper to construct than by using traditional road building methods


PAVMAX is used to stabilize roads inside the deepest mines to the highest mountains

Seal up

PAVMAX is used to seal ponds for everything from pure spring water to toxic waste

Any place

PAVMAX is used from the frozen north to the hot south with wet or dry climate


We have partners and agents in several countries and are open to discussing the option of sourcing new territories. Should you be in a territory where we have an existing agreement, we will pass you over to the relevant partner for that area and ask that all correspondence be passed through them. If on the other hand you are contacting us from a new area then we would be open to the possibility of discussing a new business partnership with you. We have various different business methods with agents and partners alike, as we tend to find that each different territory has it’s own special requirements. Initially discussions with our consultants can take place and an agreement can be formed.

Some of the companies and agents that we partner with wish to have a demonstration strip laid on their own home soil and we are happy to discuss a viable option for this. Previous demonstrations have proved crucial in some countries where the product has never been heard of. Test results from some of these demonstrations are available on request.

Cost Reduction43%
More resistent75%
Customer Satisfaction85%
Utilization Rate90%

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